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What is Tournament Arc?

Tournament Arc is a text-based, real-time, head-to-head, fighting roleplaying game. Most importantly, Tournament Arc is a game where you create any character you can think of (or steal from your favourite media), and fight your friends.

When you play Tournament Arc, you will create a powerful fighter and you’ll try and beat other fighters in arena combat. Fighters can be anything you can fathom, from talented martial artists to alien creatures from other dimensions, and from off-duty superheroes to ordinary people granted arcane powers by elder beings. The one thing that they all have in common is that their powers come from spirits. Spirits are strange entities that recently appeared in the world, and are as diverse as the fighters themselves. 

Tournament Arc is best played as a series of fights across a tournament, where players duke it out to try and claim victory. Each fight, two players will face off against each other, and will aim to bring their opponent’s energy down to zero. To do so, they will be secretly telling a third player – the conduit – what they are doing each stance of the fight, and whether or not they want to invest their precious energy into making their attacks even more powerful. The conduit will then determine what happens, and how much energy each player loses. The fight continues like this until one fighter runs out of energy, or time runs out, with the player with the most energy left winning.

Tournament Arc is much more than just a series of fights. It is a community and an ecosystem, full of places to inhabit and characters to interact with. There are friendships to build, stories to tell, and challenges to complete. If you’ve never encountered something like Tournament Arc before, you might just be surprised what bringing together the creativity, passion, and playfulness of so many people into a single space can create. 


Buy Now£3.50 GBP or more

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