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The Pitch: A competitive storytelling game of witches casting spells against the clock. It's Once Upon A Time meets Street Fighter meets Magic.

The Theme: Witches doing battle to hone their skills. 

The Mechanics: On your turn you will cast a unique spell (built from spell elements in front of you), moving magical idols to threaten your opponent. At the same time, you'll have to describe how you defend against your opponent's spells, drawing on the same pool of elements. Let your creativity flow, but be careful - every mistake loses you an idol. Lose three idols or run out of time and your opponent wins!

Examples of things that were said in playtesting:

“I use a magical wind to summon the legendary airship captain to slay your tiger...”

“I draw upon the wisdom of the ages to convince the wrestler of the powers of pacifism, he then utters a never ending wall of sound, convincing you to give up the fight…”

This was a game I made a few years ago, and was picked up by a publisher. Since then the publisher has gone quiet and the contract has elapsed - so I thought I'd upload it for everyone to download for cheap in its (tested) print and play form.

Background image: Photo by Megan McClain on Unsplash


Buy Now£1.00 GBP or more

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